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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Daniel Menacher, born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. I came to Atlanta for the 1996 Olympics and stayed. I began photographing weddings in 1999, pursuing photography as a full time endeavor. In my life I have written and played music, wrote my first novel, practised martial art for many years, reaching the level of Ni-Dan. I studied a foreign language with equal fervor.

Then I discovered the art of 'writing with light' [photography] and, well, here I go again. My dedication is born of interest and love, stoked by obsession, and I'll chase this passion as far as it leads.

I currently teach Adobe Photoshop at the University of Gainesville, Division of Continuing Education.

Cameras used: Nikon D3 and Nikon D-700.

Software used: PS CS5 and several photo enhancing soft-ware.